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Tips for Sewing with Fleece

While many of you are still in back to school or summer-has-just-ended mode, at our house we are in the full swing of preparing for Halloween.  In the last 2 weeks I have purchased almost 60 yards of fleece in preparation for making costumes for my Etsy store.   By far, the most popular costume… Continue reading Tips for Sewing with Fleece

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Knitting Abbreviations and Tutorials

In preparation for two upcoming blog posts I am working on (Dec 5: Knitted Baby Sweater with Hood, and Dec 9: Mittens Three Ways), I thought references to abbreviations that appear in the patterns as well some tutorial videos would be helpful for new or infrequent knitters. Instead of trying to pack them into my blog posts, I will just link back here for reference.  This would a good page to bookmark! Continue reading “Knitting Abbreviations and Tutorials”

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Wooly Crossbody Bag

I love bags, any kind of bags! And didn’t I promise to share a product of my sweater fulling (felting) experiment? Well, here it is! The Wooly Crossbody Bag. Skill Level: Intermediate      Time:  3-4 hours (plus sweater felting time) This cross body bag is a simple pattern and comes together in a snap. My… Continue reading Wooly Crossbody Bag

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Easy Cloth Napkins, Tablecloth, and Napkin Rings

Welcome to our first post in the series – 12 Days of Stocking Stuffers! Remember to follow us and add your comments/tips for the giveaways. I feel like I should start this post by giving a shout out to my husband who has put up with a lot of crafting and sewing supplies littered in our living… Continue reading Easy Cloth Napkins, Tablecloth, and Napkin Rings

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Janie’s Felted Purses and Felting Tips

To introduce myself, I am Sarah’s grandmother and Marty’s mother, and I am honored to be included in their blog. I began knitting when I was in my early teens, beginning with a very long stocking cap. Some of you wont even know what that is! You can Google it! Then I began to knit… Continue reading Janie’s Felted Purses and Felting Tips

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Quilting for a Beginner – Part I

I am thinking about creating my first quilt… Elise has been very interested in fabrics, identifying animals and really anything she know the name of, and I would like to make one to lay on the floor as a play mat. So, I obviously can look on pinterest and find many great tips but I thought… Continue reading Quilting for a Beginner – Part I