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Baby Doll Dresses Up!

Dolls are as popular today as they were when I was a young girl. My oldest granddaughter has several, all of which are 12″ dolls. For Lauren’s birthday in October, I wanted to expand her baby wardrobe with some new additions. Although there are countless patterns and tutorials for 18″ dolls, I found very few… Continue reading Baby Doll Dresses Up!

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Wooly Crossbody Bag

I love bags, any kind of bags! And didn’t I promise to share a product of my sweater fulling (felting) experiment? Well, here it is! The Wooly Crossbody Bag. Skill Level: Intermediate      Time:  3-4 hours (plus sweater felting time) This cross body bag is a simple pattern and comes together in a snap. My… Continue reading Wooly Crossbody Bag

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1 Hour Cozy Fabric Coasters

Cozy Coasters are quick to make, low cost and so handy to have around! Best of all, they will put a smile on the face of your dinner host, because who doesn’t love a homemade gift? I have my mom to thank for this idea. She started making beautiful coasters years ago when she found… Continue reading 1 Hour Cozy Fabric Coasters

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12 Days of Stocking Stuffers & Giveaway

To kick off a month of holiday festivities and gift giving, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite ideas for homemade stocking stuffers and host/hostess gifts. We have tried to provide a variety of items in terms of skill level, time to make, and type of recipient. Additionally, we have put the… Continue reading 12 Days of Stocking Stuffers & Giveaway

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5 Easy Steps to Felting Wool Sweaters

We all have obsessions, right? My latest is tracking down old wool sweaters and felting (technically it’s fulling) them. The result is a ‘new’ inexpensive (but luxurious) fabric for my own one-of-a-kind creations! I love the feel and texture of wool. It gives me a warm, cozy feeling. It becomes so versatile when it is… Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Felting Wool Sweaters

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Remembering the fun and lessons of Halloween

Sarah really did it up right with her Care Bear characters for Halloween. She kept it simple and made it fun. When you choose characters that make you smile, there is no way it can be considered “work”! Years ago, when my children were small, I faced a dilemma on the days leading up to… Continue reading Remembering the fun and lessons of Halloween

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Back to the Beginning

When I was a 10-year-old girl growing up in the small town of Casselton, North Dakota, my parents recognized my interest in sewing, cooking and social activities. They found a 4-H chapter led by a neighborhood mom. I learned the art of “demonstration,” and remember my first food demonstration at the grade school a block away… Continue reading Back to the Beginning