About Marty & Sarah

We are a mother (Marty) /daughter (Sarah) team excited to share our tips and creations!


IMG_0539I am a life-long-lover of sewing, and now find more time to use my creative side. As a retired “organizational guru,” mom and grandmother of three adorable, growing little girls, I find the projects are endless!

My love of sewing blossomed when, as a child, I sat for hours beside my mother as she sewed clothing for her self and 10 children. My memories also take me back to my grandmother Katherine, who darned socks and coverall knees to keep her husband and sons working on the farm. I joined 4-H and got my start!

Some thirty years ago, I honed my skills with a Master Clothing Construction course, and made a few extra dollars doing custom sewing.

This brings me full circle. But please don’t think I stop at sewing, ’cause I have discovered chalk paint!!

We dedicate this blog to my mom and Sarah’s grandmother, Janie, and our grandmother and great-grandmother, Katherine. We are blessed to have had wonderful, patient roll models and mentors!


IMG_0631I learned sewing from my mother at a young age and have always enjoyed creative projects (sewing, knitting, and painting) as a way to relieve stress as I pushed through some of the more challenging aspects of my life.  Now a stay-at-home mom, I wouldn’t say I have more free time, but I have more opportunities that lend themselves to engaging my creative self!

I have one daughter, Elise, who is a great muse and assistant. She already loves going to the fabric store, touching the fabrics, and eyeing the spectrum of bright colors and bold patterns. Maybe Elise takes after me as I have a fondness for prints – often coming home with 3 or 4 cuts of fabric with beautiful IMG_0677prints, no specific purpose in mind, but that I just couldn’t leave behind.

While I have been dabbling in sewing since my teen years, I have much to learn about some of the details of finishing and creating my own patterns. I would say my technique is a bit of a sewing hacker (or trial and error), often finding ideas on pinterest or in stores then going home and figuring out how to create something similar myself.

I am excited to have this blog as a way to collaborate more with my mom and index our many projects and tips!


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