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DIY Famous Maker Eyeglass Case

I love a “scrappy Saturday” and you’ll love what I made this weekend! My friend just ordered three new pairs of sunglasses, and wanted some cute cases to match her great style. Like me, she doesn’t like those bulky, hard cases in her purse. These “Vera look-a-likes” fit the bill. And they are a great way to have fun using your quilting or any other scraps!

Below on the left is my old-but-loved VB case. To the right, the first two that I made. Let’s get going!



  1. Scraps or fat quarters of 2-3 coordinating, medium-weight cotton fabrics
  2. 10×8 – 1″ poly batting
  3. 10×8 medium weight fusible Pellon (eliminate if one fabric is heavier weight)
  4. coordinating thread

Helpful tools:

  1. walking foot
  2. bias tape maker, size 18mm
  3. spray sizing or starch.


Measure your glasses, top to bottom (making width of case) and temple to temple (forming the length of case.) Most glasses will fit a case 3.5-4″ wide and 7.5″ in length, unless you have extra large frames or rounded, wrapping frames. With this in mind, I cut my two fabric pieces 7.5″ square. It will look like a kitchen hot pad before you fold it and stitch the pocket!

Cut batting and interfacing the same size. Iron interfacing to back of outside fabric and also press the inside fabric, using a spray sizing or light starch. Now, sandwich the batting between the wrong sides of the two fabrics.

Put a few pins in the center and corners of the square and attach your walking foot and stitching guide arm to your sewing machine. Choose threads that blend or contrast, whatever you like!

With a ruler and chalk, draw diagonal lines on the square (or rectangle, if that’s what you have.) Sew lines in one direction, approximately 3/4″ apart, corner to corner. Then turn and starting with the other chalk line, sew lines in the other direction, forming diamonds on the quilted piece!

Trim threads and any extra batting on the edges.


Round all the corners, marking with a small object or jar (I used the edge of my closed rotary cutter).  You will see below that I cut one corner off a bit more, as my friend as advanced arthritis and needs to easily access her shades.


You are now ready to make the bias tape edging. Using  a piece of the same fabric as the inside piece, or a third coordinating fabric, cut bias strip 1-1/4″ wide, and the full perimeter measurement plus 2″ in length. Use this great tutorial, found Here at ehow. Wasn’t that fun?

To attach the bias tape:

Starting at the lower end of the case, with the inside fabric and right side of tape together, open one pressed side and cut the end straight (ends will be diagonal.)  Fold the end about 1/2″ and place the opened long edge even with raw edge of the case body.

Pin the tape all the way around, overlapping the raw, straight-cut end about 1″, and sew in the crease (1/4″). Clip corners. No need to trim.


Now, LOOK at how it turns so nicely to the other side! No need to press, but do pin before you sew close to the edge of the right side.


You’re almost there!  Fold it in half, making sure to keep your dimensions correct if it’s not quite square.

Finally, starting about 1″ from the top edge and securing well, sew along the previous stitching to close the case.

Sit back, relax and feel that pride and joy when you open your bag and see this ray of sunshine!

Love those scraps and keep having fun with your sewing! 💜


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