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Children’s Fleece Infinity Scarf

A friend sent me a message last week asking if I would mind using my “awesome sewing skills” to make her baby a fleece infinity scarf. Apparently finding one of these for an almost 1 year old isn’t as easy…  I knew this would be a project that would take less than an hour, so I quickly agreed.

I found two great posts online that cover most of the details:

A DIY Baby Scarf for the Littles (Check out the beautiful design of her blog too, something to aspire to!)

DIY Baby Infinity Scarf

My tester modeling her infinity scarf

Some tips:

  • I cut a larger scarf for a 12 to 18 month-old: 12″ x 48″. You could EASILY make these for adults too, just adjust the size – both length and width. Here is a tutorial video for an adult scarf with another technique for finishing, which will work better for an adult scarf where you have a little more room/fabric to work with.
  • A couple of things to consider regarding size: Will your fabric stretch? How tight or loose do you want the scarf?  (If it is for fashion you may want a little looser.)
  • I don’t think sewing one end closed before “closing the loop” is necessary. It adds unnecessary bulk to the seam.
  • The last seam where you “close the loop” is the tricky part. You can easily zigzag the seam with fleece, but you will likely want to turn under the raw edge with flannel. IMG_2603I had two problems with  this edge. First, the sewing line not lining up with the edge on the underside. second, the outer loop pulling/stretching bigger than the inner loop. I think pinning (which I tried to skip) would have resolved the issues.IMG_2600

My friend’s baby has a red coat, so I picked a navy blue fleece and a cute 100% Cotton snuggle flannel print called “Metro Dapper Man” for two nice scarves.


You can make some great scarves with the leftover scraps you have from other projects. Try sewing them together for a patchwork look!



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