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Heavenly Reversible Headbands

The holidays will be here before we know it and precious time for DIY gifts is growing shorter!  How about something simple, cute and useful for the girls and women in your life? Or heck, what about you? Let’s grab the scrap bag and get on the headband bandwagon!


These headbands are a great use of your remnants, or your mothers, grandmothers, friends, and relatives quilting scraps.

Skill level: Easy, Beginner          Time: Quick


  • Cotton or other washable fabric, incl. an assortment of pieces at least 4″ X 15″ for headband, and 3″ X 10″ for elastic cover.
  • 6″ of 1/2″ or 3/4″ non-roll elastic for each headband
  • Thread to match

Patterns and Instructions:

I found a tutorial I loved to make my headbands, so I will share it. It’s good and beautiful! Find it Here at Happy Together.

Another tutorial, here, uses a more decorative elastic and eliminates the elastic cover.

My Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix all kinds of patterns and colors!
  2. The Happy Together tutorial also shows sizing for girl’s smaller heads.
  3. Use the assembly line method. Pull out your cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler to cut all your pieces at one time.
  4. Lay out cut pieces and combine for band and elastic covers prior to sewing. Then sew and press. Lay out again and choose your combinations! image
  5. If you exercise and sweat a lot, make one with terry cloth.
  6. Share the love, fill those stocking and pack your suitcase for the tropics!image


Happy sewing and gifting! 🎁


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