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1 Hour Cozy Fabric Coasters

Cozy Coasters are quick to make, low cost and so handy to have around! Best of all, they will put a smile on the face of your dinner host, because who doesn’t love a homemade gift?

I have my mom to thank for this idea. She started making beautiful coasters years ago when she found a shop that sold out-of-stock decorator fabric samples. While we may not have access to samples, most of us have a fabric stash. If you are a beginner or you want to purchase a bright, new fabric, it won’t cost much.

Skill Level: Easy, Beginner  Time: Quick

How much fabric do you need? Very little to a less than a yard, depending on how many you want to make (they go fast). Four to six, tied up with a pretty ribbon, make a perfect hostess gift.
There are endless variations to a basic square coaster. I like to use coordinating fabrics to make reversible coasters, but you may want to use the same fabric for both sides. You will soon find that the possibilities are endless as you combine fabrics, use different top-stitching thread colors, or even quilt them!

Fabric – 5″ x 5″ for one, one fat quarter (18×22) for 6, or two fat quarters for 12
Medium weight fleece (i.e. Pellon) – 1/8 yard
Lightweight fusible web – 1/8 yard

I won’t rewrite instructions, because these are great ones out there, thanks to my sewing sisters.

Make it & Love it

The Crafty Mummy

And here is a nice quilted coaster tutorial:

Seasoned Homemaker

• I suggest cutting them 5×5, with 1/4″ seams. I like mine a bit larger (4.5 x 4.5 finished size) to accommodate a wine glass or large coffee mug.
• I like two rows of top stitching.
• Use your blind hem foot on your machine to top stitch on the edge, moving the needle to the left position, for a nice even stitch. For the second row, at approximately 5 mm, use the standard foot and move the needle to the right position.
• When finished, spray both sides with Scotchguard to make them repel moisture, allow to dry, and tie with a ribbon.

Bonus! Coasters make great soft toys for babies.


When my granddaughter Lauren was about 10 months old, she loved my stack of coasters on the coffee table. They would go from the basket to the floor, and then back to the table, over and over! When I inherited a large fabric stash this past summer, I found some scraps of fun animal and other bright prints. I decided to make some sets for my youngest granddaughters, and make a matching game out of them. When babies tire of them, parents can spray them with Scotchguard and enjoy them on the table!

Enjoy and have fun!


4 thoughts on “1 Hour Cozy Fabric Coasters

  1. Great photos, Marty. and I like to tack down the center of the coaster. Then when it is washed, the filling won’t move.
    Also, one can put eyelets in a number of coasters and hook them together for a small child to play or recognize shapes and animals.

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